Thinking of spending your next holiday in Greece? You probably should. There’s something in Greece for everyone, whether it’s island or mainland, ocean or dry land you’re sure to find something that’s right up your street. Aside from the typical party destinations, and those famous for Brits abroad there’s much of Greece that is entirely unspoiled and aching to be explored. What better way than to rent a luxury holiday villa and set out to find your own favourite corner of Greece?

If you’re a foodie…

For the food-obsessed, Greek food is a wonderland of flavour and texture. Juicy fresh tomatoes, just-picked olives and local seafood all play a huge part in the nation’s cuisine. The taste of cinnamon lingers in the air over steaming plates of moussaka, or sprinkled over delectable greek yoghurt with almonds and honey. The stunning old town of Chania with its venetian harbour, is famous for its restaurants, and you really shouldn’t miss dining al fresco as the sun sets over the yachts.

The climate in Greece is ideal for growing grapes, especially on the volcanic island of Santorini where the unique soil is amazingly fertile and makes them immune to pests. It’s well worth indulging in a tour of the wineries here, stopping for many tastings and absorbing the stunning views on the way.


If you’re into history…

The wonderful thing about history in Greece is that it’s tangible. You can wander around, stand on and even touch pieces of history here, making it seem alive and real. If you’re trying to get the kids excited about history, this is the place.

Set off to climb iconic Mount Olympus, and stand in the very spot where the Gods are said to have played the first ever Olympic games. The games were held here every four years from 776BC and the site is now regarded as one of the wonders of the ancient world. Or, delve into the captivating Cave of Nymphs, where Odysseus is thought to have been abandoned while he was sleeping. Greek Gods aside, Greek towns and cities themselves have much more history to discover. Corfu Old Town has some excellent museums covering the architecture, culture and ancient texts of the area. You can also explore the ruins of the old city, found next to the Mon Repos palace.


If you’re outdoorsy…

What’s your sport of choice?

The windsurfing on the coast of Lefkas is legendary. World competitions are held here every year, and the atmosphere is fantastic to watch. Once you’ve been inspired by the pros, rent a board and try it out for yourself!

The crystal clear waters around the islands of Greece are revered world-wide. The coastline is rocky and interesting to swim around, with plenty of inlets and caves to explore, (always take a guide – safety first!). The scuba diving and snorkelling is where Greece really comes in to its own. It is excellent most places, with adventurous and advanced divers being able to explore shipwrecks and caves. For the novice diver or snorkeller, the waters of northern Kefalonia will reward you with sheltered coves, colourful fish, octopus and even sea turtles to keep you company while you get your feet wet.

If you’d rather stay on dry land – the hiking and mountain biking on the tiny island of Ithaca, or the rugged landscape of The Peloponnese will not disappoint.

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