Your Amusements, Your Accidents

For many children and kids at heart, going to Disneyland and other theme parks is a dream come true. However, a visit doesn’t always equate to a fairytale. Time and time again, we’ve seen that those mind-blowing rides can end up in tragedy.

Amusement parks are supposed to be a place of pure bliss, a safe place where kids can be kids and their imaginations run free and a place where families bond and memories are created. Truth is, a visit can leave you with a daunting memory instead of a pleasant one.  Every time you or a loved one buckles into the seat of a thrilling roller coaster ride or steps into the magical world of the big top, you are putting your health at risk.

Insanity Thrill Stratosphere

Undoubtedly, parks are fun and exciting. There are numerous electrifying rides, enchanting attractions and spectacular shows, but with all the work that goes into providing you with an unforgettable experience, there is bound to be some mishaps – a mechanical malfunction, the negligence of a park attendant, an unruly animal and other miscalculations and disasters.

The most common accidents and illnesses suffered at amusement parks are a result of nausea due to motion sickness, slips and falls on surfaces such as wet platforms, whiplash, falls from rides and being impaled or struck by objects on rides. The effects of these can range from mild to life-threatening and fatal.

Although nausea and vomiting may be tolerable and short-lived, other injuries are much more serious. For instance, in 2011, one woman suffered grave injuries after one of the supports on the Surf Rider at Bottons Amusement Park in Lincolnshire snapped, causing her and 21 other riders to be stuck for over an hour. In 2010 a young girl died and two others were hospitalised with severe injuries after a ride in Barcelona broke midair.

As a visitor, it is your responsibility to look out for your own safety by following the rules and guidelines set out by the theme park. You should know your limits and take appropriate cautionary methods. Those who are high risk, such as pregnant woman, elders and those who are susceptible to heart attacks should know when it is and is not safe to participate.

However, you can only do so much. As evident by the numerous horror stories of roller coasters falling off tracks, visitors being projected from rides, props falling onto attendees and the mishandling of rides by attendants, visitors typically are not at fault. It is also the engineers’ and park personnel’s responsibility to ensure your safety and health. If, for any unfortunate reason you do fall victim to a theme and carnival park misadventure or an accident results in the fatality of a loved one, it is often best to seek legal aid. Expert solicitors, such as those at Irwin Mitchell, are highly experienced in handling accidents and can help you file a claim and seek restitution.