There’s nothing like spending a weekend or extended stay in the Lake District. With so much fun to be had in between bouts of relaxation, it is the perfect destination to recharge your batteries before heading back to work. To ensure the weekend is everything it can be and more, you need to properly prepare for your Lake District getaway. No matter what you plan on doing, there are a few basics you should know about in advance. This way, all you need to do is just arrive, and everything else will be taken care of.

What to Pack

It doesn’t matter what time of year you come, it can become rather chilly at night. This is especially true during the spring and fall months. While the temps might warm enough to warrant shorts during the daytime, make sure you have some cooler weather clothing packed away for evening time. A fall windbreaker jacket and some slacks can help you stay comfortable throughout the evening, so make some room for these clothing essentials while packing.

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Pack the sunscreen as well. When out on the lake, it is easy to forget just how much sun you’re actually taking. Far too often, people don’t realise how direct the sunlight is until they return to their hotel rooms and they are pinker than their strawberry ice cream desert. Packing some extra sunscreen, especially for time out on the water, is a must and it will help keep both the time out in the Lake District and back home much more enjoyable.

Reservations are a Must

The Lake District is a favorite vacation spot for locals throughout the region, while others come from hundreds of kilometers away to experience the serenity and tranquility of the destination. That means locations book up quickly. While you probably already have the hotel booked before heading out, if you have specific restaurants you want to dine in, it is highly recommended to book ahead as well. This way, you’ll always have access to these amazing restaurants with a table reserved just for you. You do need to make sure and arrive on time for your reservation (arrive early, if at all possible). Most Keswick restaurants develop a longer waiting time for those who fail to reserve seating, so if you do not arrive promptly, the restaurant is likely to give your reservation to the next guests on the list. So, whether you are looking at a steakhouse Keswick has to offer, or you’d like something a bit lighter, don’t wait until you check into the hotels in Keswick to make your dinner reservations. Do so further in advance.

Request a Specific Accommodation in Keswick

Some of the Keswick hotels, like Inn On The Square, have truly spectacular views of the water. There’s just something amazing about waking up and seeing the natural water right outside of your window. However, far too many guests wait to request such a room until they have arrived at the hotels. Most of the water views hotels have to offer are booked quickly. Due to this, you want to request such a room as quickly as possible. If you book hotels in Keswick through a third party booking agency, you might not have the option to request a room directly. Should this prove to be the case, make sure to contact the hotel directly through the hotel’s phone number. This way, you can discuss your booking and request a specific room. Should the new room increase the cost of your booking, you typically can pay immediately over the phone or wait until you check in to the hotel.