A leading city of art, history and culture, what better way to discover the fascinating history of London than on foot? From original Banksy murals to the infamous crimes of Jack the Ripper, here’s 5 of our top tours in London for those who love to delve into the past:

Jack The Ripper Tours

Lurking amongst Whitechapel, the most infamous serial killer in all of British history may still be lurking its cobbled streets. Using handheld projectors and open 7 days a week, a Jack the Ripper walk is perfect for crime lovers, exploring the gruesome mystery along all the streets in Whitechapel where he murdered and mutilated his victims. Led by leading experts known as Ripperologists, you won’t find a more extensive and up to date experience anywhere else.

jack ripper

London Underground And Tube Tour

Explore 150 years of history in under two hours at this popular Paddington tour which explores London’s internationally renowned underground stations. This tour is perfect for both tourists and Londoners to discover stories about the Tube’s fascinating past, including its original plans and how the Victorians dug its tunnels by hand. There’s also an opportunity to travel along the line that never got made, the ‘Viking Line’, and learn about the hidden secrets of the Underground – taking a trip on the tube will never be the same again!

Great Greenwich Pub Tour

If you like a glass of ale with your history then this is the tour for you! Tour around Greenwich’s iconic pubs, including the Trafalgar Tavernwhere Lord Nelson and Charles Dickens were known to indulge in a pint or two. No matter what pub you stop at on the tour, you’ll also receive a free half pint of beer to enjoy while meeting new people and soaking in the history and charm of some of Greenwich’s finest pubs.

London Street Art Tour

Discover the vibrant underground art scene of London and witness amazing modern creations by some of the city’s most popular artists, including Banksy, Roa and C215. Hear their stories and inspiration for the work which decorates the streets of London before it’s removed by the local council, forming unique, unconventional and unforgettable touring experience for those who love their art and its history.

Black History Walks

Discover which streets of London were inspired by African residents and which buildings were influenced by African architecture on a Black History tour. Led by experts and listed in the The Guardian’s ‘Top Ten Best Guided Walks of London’, this tour examines the massive contribution Africans have made to the city’s cultural life, including as soldiers, nurses and political activists during the last 200 years, covering their influence in Trafalgar Square, Notting Hill, and Soho.

Though London is a cultural, historical hub, it is also truly vast. So in order to get the best out of your stay in London, you can’t go wrong with any of the suggested tours; they will give you a rare and detailed insight into the capital and make your trip truly memorable.

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