Everyone knows and recognises the main attractions in London, and they will undoubtedly be the places you visit on your first few trips to the capital, however if you want to escape the crowds and experience something a little different, there are a number of great attractions that are off the beaten track yet no less enjoyable. Read on to discover five of these great, quirky attractions that you maybe haven’t even heard of or at least considered visiting before;

For the Shopper

London is renowned for its shops, from the big department stores on Oxford Street right through to the markets, yet there are a number of so called ‘secret’ shops around the city that offer more unusual and intriguing pieces. Take Davenports Magic Shop on Charing Cross Road for instance, the world’s oldest remaining magic shop, which is packed to the rafters with magical and mysterious items whilst its location under Charing Cross Station makes for even more intriguing setting that is a must see for those looking for attractions off the beaten track.

For the Museum Lover

If you’ve been to the favourites such as the Natural History and Science museums and are on the lookout for another museum to explore on your next visit to London, why not make the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising your choice?

museum of brands

The consumer goods in this collection date back over 120 years and consist of everything from biscuit tins through to drinks cans, royal souvenirs and washing powder boxes, plus much more.

For the Spook Seeker

If you like to feel shivers run down your spine as you enter a spooky location, you may well have previously visited the London Dungeons and are looking for the next location for you to experience a similar sensation. Highgate Cemetery is one of the largest in the capital and is the final resting place for well known figures including Karl Marx, the Sex Pistols’ former manager Malcolm McLaren and TV personality Jeremy Beadle; whose graves can all be seen when strolling around the cemetery.

For the Lover of Food

Whilst you will of course find all your favourites, from fast food outlets to finer dining establishments, across the city, there are also many smaller, lesser known restaurants that can, for instance, enable you to experience the tastes and flavours of traditional cockney dining. The Seagrass in Islington is one such restaurant where throughout the week you can experience the age-old favourite of pie and mash, yet Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights sees it transform into a fine dining venue, therefore catering to all palates and budgets!

If you are looking to experience something a little different on your next visit to London, consider the activities and attractions detailed above that are well off the beaten track and likely to be clear of the throngs of tourists you will find at some of the more well know landmarks London has to offer.

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