For those who like to be on line while traveling, so they can manage their citytrip with the most up to date information, there’s plenty of choice.  It isn’t hard to find apps dedicated to citytrips, the problem is picking one.

Developers monitor the needs of the users carefully, which results in a wide range of apps with similar functionality, like the use of off line maps to lower the costs of data roaming

Travel apps mainly differ in the integration of extra functionality like links to social media or the option to download your itinerary from desk top to i~ or android phone. The small additions that lend a certain style or personality to the core function of the app.

Style examples

The next five apps are selected to give you an idea of the range of styles among citytrip apps currently available.

For those who value the experience and opinions of others
The site TripAdvisor is renowned for its large number of user reviews on everything related with travel: hotels, airline companies, sights you should, or shouldn’t, visit. It’s no more than logical that this feature is used to showcase their citytrip apps. Viamobile has been developed to search for hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions  in the city you’re at.

The roaming issue is solved by TripAdvisor through the creation of a separate app with off line maps, the CityGuide. This app contains a selection of self guided routes  created by experts. If you want your citytrip to be organized before leaving home, CityGuide suits your needs better than Viamobile.

For the urban tourist who likes to rely on the experience of over 100 million other travelers and doesn’t like to make up a route by himself,  the TripAdvisor’s apps are a good choice.

Do-It-Yourself in the city

The DIY traveler, on the look out for an android app, is well off with CityTrip Planner. It’s clarity and straightforwardness make it an app creative users will fall in love with right from the  beginning. Just check the testimonies on CityTrip Planner‘s Facebook page. The app will give you  suggestions for a day, or several days, based on your preferences. But the resulting trip can be edited completely leaving you with a 100% custom made itinerary that will guide you to all the selected sites and resting places. You can make educated decisions, every attraction contains a link to  sites like Wikipedia.


The integration of the award winning website with the app allows you to plan your holiday from the comfort of your PC at home  – or office –  including booking the hotel where you’ll be staying and the transportation needed to get there.

Sending a map of one of the routes you created to your mobile app using a QR code, unlocks the city in question and off line maps of this city become available for download. This is the CityTrip Planner‘s solution to avoid data roaming costs.

The traveler who likes full control, up to date information and an efficient app without any unnecessary fuss like social media will be happiest using CityTrip Planner

Less is more

>Wouldn’t you love to waste less time on standing in line or visiting an tourist attraction which is less than good? Fodor’s city guides are a good solution. The city guides come as a separate app per city. A  disadvantage: there’s only a limited  – but growing –  number of city’s and often for Mac only.  Only a handful of city guides have been made for the Windows platform.

Fodor’s strong point is the guarantee only top rated hotels, restaurants, bars and sights are listed, a selection made by local experts. Another feature is the integration of Fodor’s city guide with  Expedia, OpenTable en TicketsNow, allowing you to book your hotel, transport and theater tickets in the city of your choice on line.

Fodor is a publisher of travel guides and produces language guide apps facilitating communication with the locals. Which can be more fun than navigating by your app’s maps. Talking of going off line!

The city guides offer limited but high  level information, the choice of a citytrip tourist who doesn’t want to reach for his mobile all the time.

For social media fans< A broad range is the best description of mTrip. It’s available for many platforms , including Android, and for a large audience. mTrip boasts of using information of travel publisher Falk, a well known name in the world of printed city plans and car cards. Another app with recommendations by experts and user generated content.

The app helps you pick activities, sights and good ‘hospitality and gastronomy’. It offers filters to focus on your preferences, information about public transport and walking maps. Another style feature of mTrip is the integration of social media. You can share your citytrip photos through Facebook and email.

This app allows you go with the flow of the main stream.

Needle in a haystack: focusing on a special interest

Apart from the main movement of offering a wide range of information on what to do almost all over the world,  a few ‘dedicated apps’ are being developed as well.  The ArtsHolland  appis a great example. It’s an app, developed for English speaking art lovers to guide them to ‘institutionalized art’ and contemporary cultural activities in the four major cities of the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Den Haag.  

The selling point of this app is its expert and accurate information on art and cultural activities. It’s designed for the growing number of art and cultural tourists visiting The Netherlands from Britain and the United States.

Its developers do stick to trends like off line maps, integration with social media and on line booking options.

Are you a visiting cities with a specific goal in mind?  Do a thorough internet search to see if a travel app exists that guides you straight to the places of your interest.

The choice is yours

Practically every citytrip app will guide you through town and inform you about things to do nearby and where to eat.

The criterion for picking the right app is your lifestyle.  Just ask yourself:

  • Do you like sharing your experiences on social media?
  • Do you plan journeys based on advise of experts and other users,  or do you follow your own instincts?
  • Do you like to be fully prepared or prefer to improvise ?
  • Why do you like the idea of a citytrip in the first place?

The answers to these questions will tell you which citytrip app suits you.

About the author: Sam Kent is a backpacker and avid traveller.